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Sarah Smith

Sarah Grace Smith is a graduate student in Augusta State University’s Master of Arts in Teaching Early Childhood Education program who will be completing her student teaching in Spring 2013. She received degrees in English and journalism from the University of Georgia in May 2011. She wants to be Ms. Frizzle when she grows up.

Students at Kelly Mill Elementary School prepare to give presentations. Photo by Yun Mi Park.

Teacher By Day, Student By Night

The most exciting part of student teaching so far is seeing my students rise to challenges. I enjoy setting the bar high and watching students fly over it. But this is the area in which my still being a student has also benefited me the most.

Practicum, Apprenticeship, Student Teaching

Practicum, Apprenticeship, Student Teaching

Practicum, apprenticeship, student teaching. Whatever you call it, I’m about to embark on the scariest part of my education as a future teacher. So far, I’ve had the training wheels on. Now, they come off.

Photo taken by Yun Mi Park at Kelly Mill Elementary School in Cumming, Georgia.
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What Is Good Teaching? Why I Teach (Teacher Blog)

I believe in the ability of knowledge and learning to empower and free students, even those who will have an uphill battle most of their lives. Being a teacher allows me to indulge my love for learning while equipping the next generation to achieve.