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Sue Lincoln is a veteran reporter who knows her way around Louisiana's often colorful public arena. She has covered everything from the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics to hurricanes Katrina, Rita, Gustav and Ike. She started out in broadcasting as KMGG's Southern California events reporter, and--after her family moved to Louisiana in 1989--went to work for KYKZ radio in Lake Charles. Moving to Baton Rouge in 2000, she served as the Capitol Bureau chief and assistant news director of Louisiana Network, covering statewide issues for that group's 75 affiliates for a decade. She picked up the reins of the Southern Ed Desk with LPB, and is now covering the Louisiana Legislature for WRKF.

Credit: Sue Lincoln/WRKF.
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Squabbling Over Crumbs

After the House approved cuts freeing up another $70-million for the upcoming budget Monday, they then squabbled over where to spend it – on TOPS, or on health care.

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards. Credit: Sue Lincoln.
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Much Ado About Vouchers

“We’ve got a special interest group from out of state that’s currently misleading the public about this voucher program,” Governor John Bel Edwards said at the start of his weekly press conference.

He was referring to an ad that’s been getting heavy play in New Orleans and Baton Rouge.

Louisiana State Capitol
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Contending Over Common Core

Louisiana lawmakers reject efforts to back away from Common Core.

Teachers protest ed reforms at state capitol in March 2012
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Louisiana Ed Reform Do-Over

Decisions in the lawsuits against Louisiana’s 2012 education reforms are setting up a “do-over” battle in the upcoming legislative session.

Louisiana Act 1: “Still Unconstitutional”
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Louisiana Act 1: “Still Unconstitutional”

A Louisiana District Court judge again rules the so-called “teacher tenure law” is unconstitutional.

Unconstitutional: Louisiana High Court Rules On Vouchers
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Unconstitutional: Louisiana High Court Rules On Vouchers

Louisiana’s Supreme Court rules the current funding mechanism for the statewide voucher program is unconstitutional.

Pre-K: Politics And Poverty (Video)
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Pre-K: Politics And Poverty (Video)

While President Obama is pushing for universal pre-K, Southern states–who have been ahead of the curve in offering state-run pre-school programs–are now reconsidering their value.

Louisiana Supreme Court Considers Constitutionality Of Vouchers
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Louisiana Supreme Court Considers Constitutionality Of Vouchers

Louisiana’s Supreme Court has now heard oral arguments over the constitutionality of the law establishing a statewide voucher program.