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Pass or Fail: Public Education in Louisiana

One national survey gives Louisiana’ s education system a D+ for student achievement Another national education report ranks the state dead last. So, how well is the state’s public school system really performing?

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Education and Recovery – Teachers in Need

As part of its core mission of supporting education, Louisiana Public Broadcasting is reaching out teachers, students and parents following the unprecedented Flood of 2016.

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Priming the Pipeline for STEM in the South: STEM Status in Louisiana

A recent report indicating how well states are doing in preparing K-12 students for the STEM fields rated Louisiana “far below average.” The state by state “Science Readiness Index” takes into consideration not only students’ math and science proficiency scores but also teacher qualifications.

Matters of Choice: Options in Louisiana | LPB
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Matters of Choice: Options in Louisiana | LPB

Jalen is a seventh-grader at The Good Shepherd School- a private, Catholic institution. She transferred from a failing public school three years ago and sees big differences between the two. Louisiana Public Broadcasting prepared this report for our “Matters of Choice” series.