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How Do National Championship Foes Alabama and Clemson Really Compare?
Higher Education

How Do National Championship Foes Alabama and Clemson Really Compare?

Most analysts compare defensive lines, secondaries, quarterbacks and ground games. But the Southern Education Desk decided to look at other facts about these two southern universities.

A federal judge is deciding whether Gardendale High School and other schools in the city can pull out of the Jefferson County School System to become part of an independent city school district. Credit: Mark Almond.
Alabama / Audio

Federal Judge Weighs Decision On Independent School System for Gardendale

Federal Judge Madeline Haikala is considering whether Gardendale can pull out of the Jefferson County system & start its own without violating civil rights.

Participants in UAB's CORD program making a multicolored tower by pouring household liquids of varying weights into a cylinder. Credit: Sherrel Wheeler Stewart/WBHM.

UAB CORD Program Helps Students Get Ahead of the Curve in Science

Students in Alabama and throughout the South are back in school this month. However, long before the first day of school, hundreds of kids spent part of their summer in labs at UAB. The goal? Getting ahead of the curve in science class.

Atlanta Public Schools continue working on programs to assist students impacted by one of the biggest public school cheating scandals in recent history. Credit: Sam Whitehead / GPB.
Georgia / Taking on Tests

Taking On Tests: Atlanta School Students Still Recovering From Cheating Scandal

Atlanta’s infamous public school cheating scandal sent some educators to jail last year and forced the system to clean up its culture of pressure-driven testing. But after the educators were found guilty of changing tests answers and sentenced, thousands of innocent victims remained: school children.

U.S.Secretary of Education John King visits JoAnn Leleck Elementary School in Silver Springs, Md. Credit: U.S. Department of Education.
Audio / National

Education Secretary John King Talks Graduation Rates, Testing and Education Reform

Millions of American high school students graduate this spring, and many aren’t ready for what’s next – college or career. In some states, students are swamped with mandatory tests to gauge what they’ve learned, how they learned, and how good of a job their teacher does. John King, confirmed as U.S. Secretary of Education in March, talks about these issues, education reform challenges, and more.

Dr. Willie May. Credit: National Institute for Standards and Technology.
Alabama / science / STEM

Parker High School, Family And Community Helped Propel Top Scientist Dr. Willie May

A recent study shows there’s good news for college graduates looking for jobs in STEM fields. Dr. Willie May, a graduate of Birmingham’s Parker High School, struck out on a path in science more than 45 years ago. Today, he’s one of nation’s chief scientists and heads the National Institute for Standards and Technology.

Dr. Tondra Loder-Jackson. Credit: UAB School of Education.
Alabama / Events

Dr. Tondra Loder-Jackson, UAB Researcher, Discusses Impact of Civil Rights On Education

Birmingham City Schools have experienced segregation, desegregation, white flight and dwindling enrollment over the past 50 years. But can the system use lessons from the past to build a stronger future for its students? Dr. Tondra Loder-Jackson, a UAB professor in the School of Education, has researched the topic and discusses her findings.

Photo of Kevin. Credit: Nashville Public Television.
American Graduate / Back on Track / Tennessee

ON TRACK: Long Hours At Work And School Fuel Determination For Stratford High Graduate In Nashville

Though he’s a teenager, Kevin is the man of the house. While in high school, he worked long hours to help out, which made staying in school a struggle. Instead of dropping out, he stuck with it and graduated from Nashville’s Stratford STEM Magnet High School.