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Mia Rotondo works on an art project with a student. They're dressed up for 80s Day at Ben Franklin Elementary. Credit: Mallory Falk/WWNO.
Voices of Educators

Voices Of Educators: Mia Rotondo

This school year there’s been a lot of talk about how to fund special education, as the Recovery School District and Orleans Parish School Board move toward a unified funding formula. But what actually happens inside a special education classroom?

Dr. Eric Anthony Johnson wants to send his son, Cameron, to a school in their neighborhood. He sees private school as a backup option. Special to WWNO.
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Many New Orleans Families Are Torn Between Public And Private Schools

This spring, families who applied to New Orleans public schools got some bad news. School placements were announced a week late. Why was that such a big deal? Many private school deposits were due. Families had to decide: pay up to reserve a seat or take a chance with the public charter school lottery, OneApp. More New Orleans families – those with enough resources – find themselves choosing between public and private education.

Charter Schools / Louisiana

New Orleans Charter Schools May Return To Local Control

The House Education Committee approved a bill that would return all Recovery School District charters to the Orleans Parish School Board. The new legislation would require all schools to return, by 2019 at the latest.

Students from Cohen College Prep gather on the capitol steps in Baton Rouge to rally for Senate Bill 324. Credit: Mallory Falk/WWNO.
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New Orleans High Schoolers Head To Capitol For ‘Raise The Age’ Action

Hundreds of New Orleans students got a hands-on civics lesson this week. They rallied at the state capitol to support a bill that would keep 17-year-olds out of adult court and prison.

Exam. Credit: Flickr user Alberto G.
Louisiana / Taking on Tests

Taking On Tests: The Stakes Are High

It’s testing season in schools across the South and around the country. Students are flipping open booklets or logging onto computers to answer math and reading questions. For over a decade, annual standardized testing has been the law of the land. But it’s not without controversy or pushback – and some states and school districts are rethinking their approach.

Thousands of students recently gathered outside the state capitol to protest higher education budget cuts. Mallory Falk/WWNO.
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For Louisiana College Students, An Uncertain Future

Governor John Bel Edwards has warned that Louisiana’s budget crisis likely means even more cuts to higher education — up to $70 million — and big changes to the state’s popular scholarship program, TOPS. For local students, that translates to an uncertain future.

Students at Renew Cultural Arts Academy return to class after their morning "value summit." Credit: Mallory Falk.
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Matters of Choice: New Orleans – The Choice Epicenter

Most Southern states allow for some form of school choice – magnet schools, vouchers for private schools, charter schools and more. How do these options affect learning, school demographics, and student success? We explore Matters of Choice beginning with this report from WWNO’s Mallory Falk in New Orleans.

Credit: Mallory Falk/WWNO.
Louisiana / Teaching Tough Topics

Teaching Tough Topics: Teaching Beyond The Test

Civil Rights. Voter ID Laws. Felon Rights. These topics aren’t foreign for teachers and students in Southern classrooms. But what happens when pressure to teach to the test prevents challenging conversations?