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Education Secretary John King meets with teachers and students in Indianola. AP Photo/Rogelio V. Solis
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Education Secretary: More Resources Needed for Mississippi Schools

In Mississippi, the average school district spends roughly $9,500 per student annually. That money, which comes from state, federal and local sources, is less than the national average.

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Charter Schools / Mississippi

No New Charter Schools Next Year in Mississippi

There will be no new charter schools opening in Mississippi next year. Mississippi Charter School Authorizers rejected a plan by Ohio-based I Can Schools to open a number of new charters in Jackson. The state authorizer board voted against the charter operator, four to two yesterday, citing concerns over mixed [...]

Mississippi High School Graduation Rate Reaches Record High
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Mississippi High School Graduation Rate Reaches Record High

More Mississippi students are graduating from high school than ever before. The national graduation rate last year was roughly 82 percent, and while Mississippi has yet to reach that national average, it is making steady ground.

Pre-K classes get together for a reading. Book Week 2009 at Liberty County (Georgia) Pre-K. Special.
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Mississippi Kindergartners Showing Improvements in Reading

For the second year in a row, nearly 40,000 Mississippi kindergartners took a state assessment known as the STAR Early Literacy Exam. It tests whether a student understands the building blocks of reading, do they know the alphabet, that you read left to right on the page, is this a story for fun or for learning and so on and so forth.

One of the state’s only public boarding schools for academically gifted students is cutting enrollment due to budget constraints. Credit: MPB
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Mississippi Math and Science School Cuts Enrollment

This week, officials with the school announced that they are cutting the number of students who will be admitted next year. The cuts aren’t new, MSMS has reduced enrollment by 12 percent over the past five years from 271 in 2011-2012 to 220 next year.

Instructors at Hinds County Career and Technical Center show students how to create 3-D models using computers. Credit: Paul Boger.
Priming the Pipeline for STEM in the South

Priming the Pipeline for STEM in the South: A Look Across the Region

Over the next ten years, the number of jobs in science, technology, engineering and math fields are expected to outpace other industries by about five to ten percent. That’s according to the group Change the Equation, an organization that pushes for greater STEM education in schools. Yet, throughout the South, particularly in rural and high poverty communities, administrators have trouble attracting educators qualified to teach STEM.

Credit: Paul Boger/MPB.
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Public School Students in Miss. Could Soon Use Vouchers for Private Schools

Parents of public school students in Mississippi could soon be able to use taxpayer money to send their children to private schools. Lawmakers believe the “Equal Opportunity for All Students Act” would give many children across the state a shot at a quality education.

Exterior of Mississippi Department of Education headquarters. File photo.
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Miss Dept. of Education Faces $4 Millon in Budget Cuts

The Mississippi Department of Education will have to cut more than four million dollars from its budget after Governor Phil Bryant ordered state agencies to slash budgets by 1.5 percent to offset a shortfall in revenues.