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John Hughes joins KEDM to serve the new Southern Education Desk. John began his career in public broadcasting with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in Vancouver, British Columbia. He moved on to manage the remote news bureaus on the frozen plains of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, and in the mountain city of Nelson, British Columbia.

Photo from the Southern Education Desk's flickr site.
Resources / What You Need To Know

What You Need to Know: Poverty And Education In The South

The American South long has been the poor cousin to the northern states. And the legacy of slavery and racial inequality in the region has hampered African-American efforts to become full partners in sharing the benefits that accrue to being citizens of the largest single-nation economy in the world.

Middle School Teachers from northeastern Louisiana Take a Break from Field Research at Black Bayou. Photo by John Hughes.
Audio / Common Core Series / Louisiana

Field Research Meets Common Core Standards

A group of middle school science teachers in Louisiana are studying natural conditions in a bayou. The plan is to take their research findings to the classroom. But the project also connects to new Common Core educational standards.

Learning Tech Quest School in Monroe Qualified for Voucher Money. Photo by John Hughes.
Audio / Louisiana

Public Money Spent On Private PR Campaign In Louisiana

The Louisiana Department of Education has been spending taxpayer money to promote its voucher school program. A freedom of information request by the Southern Education Desk found that more than $130,000 was spent on a private contract for marketing the vouchers. And political opponents of the voucher program are crying foul.

Our House - a Shelter for Homeless Teens in Monroe. Photo by John Hughes.
Audio / Louisiana

Homeless Youth Struggle For An Education

Estimates of homeless young people have edged over 1,000,000 nation-wide. Not having permanent shelter often makes getting an education a troublesome task. But some young people are beating the odds and enrolling in college.

Summer Programs Aim To Keep Kids Healthy – Mentally And Physically
Audio / Louisiana

Summer Programs Aim To Keep Kids Healthy – Mentally And Physically

Summer is often thought of as a time for school-aged children to take a break from their studies. This break often results in loss of accumulated academic knowledge, but it can also have health risks – especially for children from low income families.

Religious School in West Monroe has Voucher Spots Available. Photo by John Hughes.
Audio / Charter Schools / Louisiana

Voucher Application Deadline Approaches in Louisiana

The deadline is fast approaching for parents to apply to have their children take advantage of a voucher to attend a private school. Private school providers have been spreading the word at the government’s request.

Louisiana Tech freshmen, Mason McCrary and Zach Parrott
Audio / Louisiana

Louisiana University Helps Students in Transition

By some estimates, more than 40 percent of university freshmen arrive on campus unprepared for post-secondary education. Louisiana Tech is providing high school students with an opportunity to get a head start on their university careers through a summer program that offers more than two-dozen first-year courses.

Sandie Lollie - Vice President of the Louisiana Teachers Federation. Photo by John Hughes.
Audio / Louisiana

Louisiana Teachers File Lawsuits

Teachers’ unions in Louisiana have filed legal challenges to new education laws. Experts offer opinions on how the legal actions may fare in court.