Articles written by: Reema Khrais

Lead teacher Amy Brewer goes over a Math lesson at Concord Middle School in Cabarrus County. Credit: Reema Khrais / WUNC
Audio / North Carolina

What It’s Like Inside A Low-Performing School

Over the last five years, four different principals have cycled through Concord Middle School. The latest principal to step into the role is Carrie Tulbert. She remembers when the superintendent of Cabarrus County Schools called her last year and asked her if she could come. Reema Khrais reports on how teacher retention issues impact low-performing schools.

Kindergartner Emarie puts paint supplies away at Central Park School For Children in Durham, North Carolina. The charter school promotes a hands-on, project-based curriculum. Credit: Reema Khrais/WUNC.
Matters of Choice / North Carolina

Matters of Choice: Race, Economics and Choice in North Carolina

In North Carolina, students get their choice of charter schools, but those schools are increasingly divided by race. In this southern state where some of the nation’s most noted school desegregation battles were waged, a recent Duke University study shows that many schools are either predominantly white or predominantly minority. Reema Khrais of WUNC reports on efforts to change that trend.