Jennifer Burnell high-fives students as they leave her classroom at Fall-Hamilton Elementary School.
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After Waves Of Reform, Nashville Schools Go Back To Basics — Teaching Kids To Build Relationships

For students in Metro Nashville schools, this year’s curriculum goes beyond acing standardized tests. It also includes lessons in what educators call “social-emotional learning.”

Students at Renew Cultural Arts Academy return to class after their morning "value summit." Credit: Mallory Falk.
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Matters of Choice: New Orleans – The Choice Epicenter

Most Southern states allow for some form of school choice – magnet schools, vouchers for private schools, charter schools and more. How do these options affect learning, school demographics, and student success? We explore Matters of Choice beginning with this report from WWNO’s Mallory Falk in New Orleans.

Some of Unidos Dual Language Charter School teacher John Rendon's second-graders getting into a lesson. Play the audio to hear what comes next. For more on Unidos school, see Part One of this series. Photo by Dan Carsen.
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Bilingual Education In The South, Part Four: “Enormous” Economic Consequences

Students who don’t speak English as their first language – or “language minorities” – rank toward the bottom in almost every measure of academic achievement. Moral and legal concerns aside, even if their population were to stop rising, the situation signifies a looming hit to the national and regional economies. [...]

Tarrant High School junior Angelina Baltazar (left), her mother Maria Baltazar, and ESL teacher Anne Pace. The Baltazars are from Guatemala, but Maria's first language was not Spanish -- it was an isolated Mayan language from western Guatemala and eastern Mexico. Photo by Dan Carsen.
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Bilingual Education In The South, Part Three: The Hurdles

Students who don’t speak English as their first language, or “language minorities,” are some of the most socially and economically disadvantaged in our nation and in the South. So far in our series we’ve looked at two dual-language schools (a more common description since the phrase “bilingual schools” became politically [...]

Lesther Martin, a World Language Academy teacher originally from Guatemala, teaches his fourth-graders social studies. Photo by Dan Carsen.
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Bilingual Education In The South, Part Two: Another Program Across The Border (In Georgia)

As public schools become more linguistically diverse, some see bilingual or “dual-language” programs as a way to improve education for all – English speakers too. Yesterday we checked out an innovative dual-language school in a low-income Georgia neighborhood just outside Atlanta. Today we’ll visit a program 50 miles to the [...]

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Story Time to Graduation

Story time for preschoolers on a regular, consistent basis can have a positive effect on their ability to read later– and possibly their likelihood to graduate.

A typical day at Jones Valley Teaching Farm in Birmingham. Contributed photo.
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INTERVIEW: Head Of Urban Teaching Farm On “Sustainability” Education

In the middle of urban Birmingham, there’s a farm. Jones Valley Teaching Farm is an education center offering students and families gardening, nutrition courses, fresh food, and much more. With Earth Day and Arbor Day coming up, our Alabama reporter Dan Carsen sat down with its Executive Director, Grant Brigham. Dan starts off by asking Brigham if he sees the farm playing a part in Birmingham’s long-term sustainability.

A knowledgeable student makes a minor confession (read or listen to the story) in Christine Sutton's cybersecurity class at Huntsville's Grissom High School. Photo by Dan Carsen.
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Army & Ala. School District Groom New Cyberwarriors As Threats Increase

Eric Snowden. NSA code-cracking. Chinese government hackers. It’s hard to avoid cybersecurity issues in the news. And many experts think the United States is simply not up to the threats. That’s mainly because there aren’t enough good guys with the skills to do battle in this expanding arena. But there’s a unique partnership in an Alabama school district that’s working to change the scenario. Our Alabama reporter Dan Carsen has more.