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Common Core in Louisiana and across the South
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Common Core in Louisiana and across the South

Major strides have been made with Common Core standards in Louisiana, but it is still a very controversial issues throughout the South. Shauna Sanford of Louisiana Public Broadcasting has the latest on the Common Core battles across Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi.

Glen Sylvan. Credit: (Special to the Southern Education Desk)
Common Core Series / Louisiana

Common Core: Can Standards Really Prepare Students for College?

Over the last two years, there has been a lot of debate surrounding the Common Core standards throughout the country. But sometimes, all the political noise can make us forget about the main goal of these standards. Do they really do a better job of preparing kids for college and careers? And if not, what’s stopping them?

Anna Davis of Picayune and her daughter Isabel doing everyday school work. Credit: Paul Boger/MPB
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Common Core: Re-branding Common Core – Does the Name Make a Difference?

Common Core education standards have been controversial since their adoption nearly half-a-decade ago. Some states have tried re-branding Common Core by changing the name. Others have dropped the standards all together. In the South, states are taking a different approach by asking residents themselves to reevaluate the standards.

State Actions on Common Core - 2015. Credit: National Conference of State Legislatures (
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Common Core: Challenges and Opposition

As part of a week-long series examining why the public school standards known as Common Core are still so controversial in the South, Sherrel Wheeler Stewart from WBHM in Birmingham explains the roots of the opposition and the challenges the standards face.

Will Common Core Teach Mississippi To Write?
Common Core Series / Mississippi / Special Coverage

Will Common Core Teach Mississippi To Write?

Students across the country can expect to be writing a lot more under Common Core State Standards, which may turn out to be a formidable challenge here in the South. In part three of the Southern Education Desk series on Common Core, reporter Annie Gilbertson reports new writing standards are an especially tall order for Mississippi.

Local Pickup Of Common Core May Face Challenges
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Local Pickup Of Common Core May Face Challenges

By 2016, students in 45 states and the District of Columbia will be learning the same things – at the same time – under the same set of standards. The nationwide plan is known as the Common Core State Standards Initiative. But in the second part of our Southern Education Desk series on Common Core, Christine Jessel reports some Southern states are struggling to implement it.

Common-Core-based standards hang on the wall of master math teacher Beth Moore's classroom at Walker Elementary in Northport, Ala. Schools across the state are using the math standards, and the language arts standards go into effect this fall. Walker has enthusiastically embraced the Common Core. Photo by Dan Carsen.
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Common Core: Is The Hype Really Just Hype?

There’s been a revolution in American K-12 education: the “Common Core State Standards.” Released in 2010, they’re math and language arts standards meant to raise rigor and establish consistency across the nation. They’ve been adopted in 45 states. But in the first of a three-part series, Alabama reporter Dan Carsen tells us that even in those places, all is not quiet on the Common Core front.

Common Core Brings Classroom Changes For Tennessee Teachers
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Common Core Brings Classroom Changes For Tennessee Teachers

New curriculum standards are coming to schools in 45 states. What do they mean for classrooms? Southern Education Desk reporter Christine Jessel asks some Tennessee teachers what they think.