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Pierre A. Capdau was the first school taken over by the Recovery School District. This summer, it will become one of the first to return to the local school board. Credit: Mallory Falk/WWNO.
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New Orleans Schools Reunite Under Local School Board, But Charters Maintain Control

Something big has been decided about New Orleans schools. And it seemed to happen pretty fast. Governor John Bel Edwards has now signed legislation ordering that all New Orleans schools return to the control of the Orleans Parish School Board. But not nearly as much control as that board had before Katrina. Things will look very different than they did a decade ago.

Charter Schools / Louisiana

New Orleans Charter Schools May Return To Local Control

The House Education Committee approved a bill that would return all Recovery School District charters to the Orleans Parish School Board. The new legislation would require all schools to return, by 2019 at the latest.

Candidates Kira Orange Jones (left) and Kara Washington share their visions for Louisiana schools at a recent election forum.
Credit: Mallory Falk/WWNO.
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Louisiana School Board Election Draws National Interest

Political Action Committees have formed. Millions of dollars are pouring in. This isn’t a national race we’re talking about. It’s the Louisiana state school board election.

Encore Academy students prepare for music class. The new campus will eventually include an arts annex. Credit: Mallory Falk/WWNO.
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Encore Academy First Charter School In New Orleans To Buy, Renovate And Move Into Its Own Building

When a new charter school opens, the school leaders have lots of responsibilities. Hiring the right team. Recruiting students. And, in some cases, finding a permanent home. Recently, Encore Academy became the first charter school in New Orleans to buy, renovate and move into its own building: the former John A. Shaw Elementary in the St. Roch neighborhood.

Why The Latest Flap Between School Board Member And Nashville Charter Is About More Than A Book
Charter Schools / Tennessee

Why The Latest Flap Between School Board Member And Nashville Charter Is About More Than A Book

What appears to be a battle over an inappropriate book is really the latest skirmish in Nashville’s running feud over privately-operated, publicly-funded charter schools.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Charter School, in the Lower Ninth Ward, was one of the schools passed during the tour. Credit: Jason Saul/WWNO.
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Bus Tour Focuses On New Orleans Schools

The “official” Hurricane Katrina bus tour is a big tourist attraction in New Orleans. But another kind of storm tour recently took off — more of a Katrina “reality” tour, documenting the last decade of the New Orleans school system.

Charter Schools: Charter Schools in New Orleans
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Charter Schools: Charter Schools in New Orleans

Since Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans has become the top spot for the charter school movement. Ten years later, how is it working? Other southern states such as Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida have adopted the education alternative as well. This week, the Southern Education Desk travels to some of those states to see how the movement is progressing across the Gulf South.

Students at ReImagine Prep in Jackson, Mississippi read in the hallway on their way to class. Credit: Paul Boger.
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Charter Schools: First Charter Schools Open In Mississippi; Alabama Charters Could Come Soon

States across the U-S have increasingly been turning to charter schools in an effort to bolster struggling public school systems. Two of the most recent states to adopt the controversial form of education are Mississippi and Alabama. As part of a Southern Education Desk Series examining charter schools in the South, we turn to Mississippi Public Broadcasting’s Boger for a report on how those states are adopting to the alternative form of public education.