Georgia Charter School Amendment Series

Click here to see a map of where Georgia's charter schools are located, what type of charter school they are and how they're performing.
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Mapping Georgia’s Charter Schools

In the coming weeks, the Southern Education Desk will be reporting on a series of questions around the state’s charter schools. But first, here’s a map of where charter schools are open around the state, whether they’re a start-up or if they converted from a traditional district school, and, roughly, how they’re performing.

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Georgia Legislators Introduce Charter School Amendment

Georgia lawmakers have filed a constitutional amendment to expand the state’s ability to open and fund charter schools. The amendment is a response to last year’s state Supreme Court ruling that said only local school districts could spend local tax dollars on charters.

Fifth-graders at the Odyssey School in Newnan participate in the Tiger Walk, a tradition at the school to welcome them to middle school. Photo by Maura Walz.
Georgia / Georgia Charter School Amendment Series / School Choice

Local Control at Heart of Georgia Charter Debate

Lawyers for a group of charter schools ruled unconstitutional by the State Supreme Court asked the court this afternoon to reconsider the decision. They’re arguing that the decision will force the courts to play too large a role in setting education policy.
The legal fight highlights a question being asked about charter schools in the south and across the country: Who should decide where a school can open, and why?