Federal funds are available to supplement early childhood nutrition. Still, very few providers participate. Some say its red tape keeping them away. Photo by Annie Gilbertson.
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Snags In Subsidized Lunch For Little Learners

Just like for school-based programs, there is a federal program to subsidize lunch and nutritious snacks for childcare centers. But in Mississippi, less than half of centers are participating.

Vineyard Family Services founder Ward Williams and Program Director Stephanie Grissom in their small nonprofit's office. Photo by Dan Carsen.
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“Backpack Buddies” Fighting Weekend Student Hunger

As we noted in Part One of this two-part report, about 17 million kids in the U.S. are in danger of malnutrition, which can trigger behavior problems and stunt brain development. Given the scope of the problem, the importance of subsidized school meals becomes clear … but what happens to needy kids from Friday night through Monday morning? In this second story on student hunger, the SED’s Dan Carsen looks at one solution in Shelby County, Alabama — an approach that’s having some success there and elsewhere.

Hungry but well behaved students (and staff) queue up for sweet potatoes at Hillview Elementary north of Birmingham. Photo by Dan Carsen.
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For Kids Relying On School Food, Holidays No “Break”

Roughly 30 million students in the United States rely on federally subsidized school meals. Even so, more than half that number are in real danger of malnutrition. So many kids depending on school for food may seem troubling enough … but what happens when school’s closed? SED reporter Dan Carsen has more on that deceptively simple question as districts across our area prepare for the holidays.

Good Food = Better Students In Memphis
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Good Food = Better Students In Memphis

Anthony Geraci is a food and nutrition expert who has a tall order. He oversees the massive central kitchen and the entire food service system for Memphis (Tennessee) City Schools. But he was hired to do more than plan the 100,000 meals served in the school system each day.

Photo by Dan Carsen
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School Food that’s Healthy AND Tastes Good? POSSIBLE

School cafeteria workers get a tutorial on organic, sustainable food at urban farm.