From left to right, rising senior Cameron Taylor, rising junior Taylor Crawford, former principal Martha Barber, rising senior Kayln O'neal, and rising senior James Thornton. Credit: Dan Carsen / WBHM / The Junction.
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The Junction: Stories from Ensley, Alabama — Holy Family Cristo Rey High School

Fair or not, the words “Ensley” and “success” don’t often appear together in local media reports. But tucked among vacant buildings and weedy lots a few feet from an Interstate, there’s a high school that takes disadvantaged kids from all over Greater Birmingham, and it has a college acceptance rate most schools would envy.

Dr. Willie May. Credit: National Institute for Standards and Technology.
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Parker High School, Family And Community Helped Propel Top Scientist Dr. Willie May

A recent study shows there’s good news for college graduates looking for jobs in STEM fields. Dr. Willie May, a graduate of Birmingham’s Parker High School, struck out on a path in science more than 45 years ago. Today, he’s one of nation’s chief scientists and heads the National Institute for Standards and Technology.

Hoover High School computer science teacher Jill Westerlund helps a student with Java, which she calls an "unforgiving" language. Credit: Dan Carsen/WBHM.
Alabama / Priming the Pipeline for STEM in the South

Priming the Pipeline for STEM in the South: Student Incentives in Alabama

Given thousands of related job openings but only hundreds of computer science college graduates, Alabama is trying to ramp up its computer science education. That includes a new policy allowing those classes to count toward core math graduation requirements. WBHM’s Dan Carsen concludes our series with a visit to a Birmingham-area class that’s leading the way.

Spectators take in a middle-school football game in Wilcox County, Alabama. If Adrienne Milner has her way, these girls -- or at least more girls -- might be on the field instead of watching. Photo by Dan Carsen.
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Sociologists’ Book Urges End of Sex Divisions in Sports

Can you imagine a world with no gender divisions in sports? University of Alabama at Birmingham sociologist Adrienne Milner can. Not only that — she wants to help make it happen. Along with University of Miami professor Dr. Jomills Henry Braddock II, she’s written a new book called “Sex Segregation in Sports: Why Separate Is Not Equal.” Our Alabama reporter caught up with her to ask what else she hopes to accomplish, and why.

Time for serious discussion in JohnMark Edwards' eighth-grade social studies class at Phillips Academy in Birmingham, Alabama. Photo by Dan Carsen.
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Teaching Tough Topics: The Real History of the South

Teaching subjects that trigger strong emotions and political divides is challenging. In the South, many of those fault-lines — racial, religious and otherwise — are intimately tied to its history. This week the Southern Education Desk is exploring how teachers tackle tough topics. Our Alabama reporter starts with an overview of some the major challenges, and some of the ways teachers can get around them. Please note this report contains language some might find offensive.

The hosts and panelists of WBHM's and the Southern Education Desk's "Issues and Ales: The Future of Education in Alabama," Thursday, November 5 at WorkPlay in Birmingham. Credit: Beau Gustafson, Big Swede Inc
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Highlights From Issues and Ales: The Future of Education in Alabama

Hear highlights from the recent program presented by the Southern Education Desk and WBHM, “Issues and Ales: The Future of Education in Alabama,” recorded live at WorkPlay in Birmingham.

Phil Hammonds on Bold Goals for Alabama Education’s Future
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Phil Hammonds on Bold Goals for Alabama Education’s Future

In advance of WBHM’s and the Southern Education Desk’s “Issues and Ales” education forum this evening, former Jefferson County School Superintendent Phil Hammonds joined WBHM’s Rachel Osier Lindley to talk about his prescriptions for improving Alabama’s schools and what Bold Goals Education aims to do.

Issues & Ales: The Future of Education In Alabama is November 5
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Issues & Ales: The Future of Education In Alabama is November 5

This year, the Alabama Legislature voted to allow charter schools in the state and expanded the Alabama Accountability Act. What does this mean for the future of Alabama’s public and private schools? Can public education adequately prepare all Alabama children for career success? Join us on November 5 to discuss!