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Story Time to Graduation

Story time for preschoolers on a regular, consistent basis can have a positive effect on their ability to read later– and possibly their likelihood to graduate.

Pre-K: Politics And Poverty (Video)
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Pre-K: Politics And Poverty (Video)

While President Obama is pushing for universal pre-K, Southern states–who have been ahead of the curve in offering state-run pre-school programs–are now reconsidering their value.

Pre-K Access: Good Program, Few Spots
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Pre-K Access: Good Program, Few Spots

Most education researchers and even many economists think high-quality Pre-K benefits children and the communities where they live. But the effects are limited when programs just don’t reach many kids. Even in states such as Alabama, which have highly regarded programs, these services reach only a fraction of eligible children.

Mapping Pre-K Funding Cuts
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Mapping Pre-K Funding Cuts

When it comes to making cuts to pre-K – where is the nation making the deepest cuts? This interactive map shows what pre-K funding looks like across the nation and recaps recent developments in the South.

Preschool immediately puts children ahead of their peers, but will their lead sustain? Photo by Adria Walker.
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Proving Preschool With Performance

At first glance, research on preschool may appear conflicting. A Vanderbilt University shows preschool students are 80-percent better prepared for school than their peers – especially in literacy and math. But a recent study of Head Start finds by third grade, their lead has all but disappeared completely. How should this data be interpreted?

A pre-k student at Hazlehurst Middle School shows his completed work for the morning lesson about dinosaurs. (Photo by Jackie Mader)
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Lessons From Pre-K That Works: Will Mississippi’s Children Finally Move Ahead?

About one-third of Mississippi school districts have found ways to pay for pre-k without the state’s help, according to the public policy group Mississippi First.

Louisiana Pre-K Overhaul Moves Forward (Video)
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Louisiana Pre-K Overhaul Moves Forward (Video)

Undeterred by adverse court rulings, the Louisiana Department of Education is forging ahead with overhauls approved by the state Legislature last spring – including a plan for funding pre-K programs.

Photo by Erica Lembo
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Birmingham Law Enforcement Officials Promote Early Childhood Education (Video)

Birmingham law enforcement officials are stressing the importance of early education. Police Captain Henry Irby and Jefferson County District Attorney Brandon Falls recently visited the Festival Head Start center to spread an important message— invest more in kids. And officials believe this will in turn lead to less crime.