Charter school parents and students rally to encourage voters to approve a constitutional amendment that will expand the state's power to open charter schools over the objections of local school boards.
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Ga. Charter Supporters, Foes Clash Over Need For Constitutional Amendment

In the first of a three-part series on Georgia’s upcoming vote on a constitutional amendment that would expand the state’s power to open and fund charter schools, we examine the opposing claims about whether or not the amendment is necessary.

An example of a Student Learning Objective (SLO) for math being developed in Cherokee County. Building SLOs to document what students should learn is proving to be one of the most time-intensive components of Georgia's new teacher evaluation system.
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Georgia Teacher Evaluation Pilot Expands And Adapts

For roughly 50,000 teachers across Georgia, the new school year is bringing a big change: new teacher evaluations. Last spring, the state completed a small pilot of its new way of assessing teacher effectiveness. This year, teachers in 50 of the state¿s 180 districts will be evaluated using the new process.

North Georgia College and State University junior Michelle Olden assists students in Anita Ledbetter's first grade class at Lumpkin County Elementary School.
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“What Is Good Teaching?” Series: Residency Programs Bring Student Teachers Into Classrooms, Full-Time

Ask any teacher about their first day standing in front of a class, and they’ll likely tell you a story about being terrified. But one Georgia university is trying to solve that problem by dramatically increasing the amount of time their student teachers spend in classrooms.

Preventing Summer Learning Loss Through Work And Play
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Preventing Summer Learning Loss Through Work And Play

Summer vacation is rapidly drawing to a close, and many students will end the summer further behind academically than when it started. Research shows that students lose, on average, a month’s worth of learning over the summer. Low-income students lose more, which exacerbates achievement gaps. In Savannah, one program is pushing low-income students ahead in school by summer’s end – through a combination of work and play.

Georgia Teachers Prepare For Introduction Of Common Core Standards
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Georgia Teachers Prepare For Introduction Of Common Core Standards

The start of the new school year will bring a big change for schools across the South: the introduction or broadening of new so-called “Common Core” standards for what students should know in math and reading. Throughout the summer, teachers in states across the South have been brushing up on the new standards.

Atlanta Shakespeare Camp Keeps Students Learning During The Summer
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Atlanta Shakespeare Camp Keeps Students Learning During The Summer

Most students welcome the long months of summer as a time to relax and to put the school year behind them, but research shows that the summer break is not always good for students. In Georgia, the Shakespeare Superheroes camp is working hard to take the edge off summer learning loss.

Girls high school soccer players drill at the University of Georgia's summer camp for teams.
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After 40 Years Of Title IX, Southern States Lag In Girls’ Sports Participation

This summer marks the 40th anniversary of the passage of Title IX, the federal legislation that dramatically increased opportunities for women to play sports at the high school and college levels. But a new report says that Georgia and other Southern states still lag behind.

Click here to see interactive maps showing Georgia school districts' expenditures on girls' and boys' sports and participation rates for male and female athletes.
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Mapping Gender Equity In Georgia High School Sports

Last month marked the fortieth anniversary of the passage of Title IX, the education legislation that dramatically expanded the opportunities for women and girls in high school and college athletics. See a map of Georgia school districts’ expenditures on girls’ and boys’ sports as well as participation rates of male and female athletes.