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Priming the Pipeline for STEM in the South: STEM Status in Louisiana

A recent report indicating how well states are doing in preparing K-12 students for the STEM fields rated Louisiana “far below average.” The state by state “Science Readiness Index” takes into consideration not only students’ math and science proficiency scores but also teacher qualifications.

Thousands of students recently gathered outside the state capitol to protest higher education budget cuts. Mallory Falk/WWNO.
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For Louisiana College Students, An Uncertain Future

Governor John Bel Edwards has warned that Louisiana’s budget crisis likely means even more cuts to higher education — up to $70 million — and big changes to the state’s popular scholarship program, TOPS. For local students, that translates to an uncertain future.

Matters of Choice: Options in Louisiana | LPB
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Matters of Choice: Options in Louisiana | LPB

Jalen is a seventh-grader at The Good Shepherd School- a private, Catholic institution. She transferred from a failing public school three years ago and sees big differences between the two. Louisiana Public Broadcasting prepared this report for our “Matters of Choice” series.

Students at Renew Cultural Arts Academy return to class after their morning "value summit." Credit: Mallory Falk.
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Matters of Choice: New Orleans – The Choice Epicenter

Most Southern states allow for some form of school choice – magnet schools, vouchers for private schools, charter schools and more. How do these options affect learning, school demographics, and student success? We explore Matters of Choice beginning with this report from WWNO’s Mallory Falk in New Orleans.

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Teaching Tough Topics: Teaching Beyond The Test

Civil Rights. Voter ID Laws. Felon Rights. These topics aren’t foreign for teachers and students in Southern classrooms. But what happens when pressure to teach to the test prevents challenging conversations?

Jerome Morgan and Daniel Rideau pitch their idea for RAE Grooming Barbership, a barbering and grooming apprenticeship program intended to keep youth out of the juvenile justice system. They tied for first place at a recent PitchNOLA competition. Credit: Robert Warren.
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In New Orleans, School Reform And Entrepreneurship Come Together

In the past ten years, New Orleans has become known nationwide for education reform through charter schools. It’s also earned a reputation as a hub for entrepreneurship. Those two worlds are coming together.

Scarlett Feinberg, of KIPP Through College, meets with KIPP alumni Randy Caldwell twice a month to support him in his journey through college. Credit: Eve Abrams/WWNO.
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KIPP Supports Its Graduates All The Way Through College

New Orleans has ten KIPP schools serving grades Kindergarten through 12th. KIPP New Orleans also has a program called KIPP Through College, which supports KIPP middle school and high school alumni on their path to and through college.

Candidates Kira Orange Jones (left) and Kara Washington share their visions for Louisiana schools at a recent election forum.
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Louisiana School Board Election Draws National Interest

Political Action Committees have formed. Millions of dollars are pouring in. This isn’t a national race we’re talking about. It’s the Louisiana state school board election.