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Mississippi Students See Dip In Test Results

Mississippi students are gaining on other states in Math and English, despite a drop in test scores from last year. That’s according to the results of a multi-state assessment called PARCC.

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Funding / Mississippi

School Funding Amendment, Initiative 42, Fails

Mississippi voters have rejected a constitutional amendment requiring lawmakers to increase funding for public schools. Supporters of Initiative 42 say voter confusion likely led to its defeat.

Credit: Mississippi Public Broadcasting.
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42: The Fight Over Funding

Mississippi Public Broadcasting’s piece, 42: The Fight Over Funding, takes an in-depth look at public school funding in Mississippi, how the state’s funding formula for public schools works, and what both sides of the Initiative 42 debate want to do about it. They interview legislators, educators, and others to help Mississippians decide before heading to the polls on November 3.

Kerri Burnside teaching 4th graders at Eastside Elementary, Clinton. Credit: Desare Frazer/MPB.
Common Core / Mississippi

Mississippi’s 4th Graders At The Head Of The Class On Nation’s Report Card

Mississippi is at the head of the class nationwide on assessment tests of 4th grade students. Mississippi Public Broadcasting’s Desare Frazer visits one classroom to learn more about why this is the case.

Dr. Jerry Alliston at MS Council on Developmental Disabilities Meeting. Credit: Desare Frazier.
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A New Pilot Project Is Preparing Students with Developmental Disabilities for the Job Market

Seven Hattiesburg High students are spending the school year at the University of Southern Mississippi, learning marketable job skills. It’s called Project SEARCH. The pilot program is the first of it’s kind in the state for students with developmental disabilities, such as Down syndrome and autism.

A child reading a book. Photo Credit: J. Gracey Stinson
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Attending PreE-K Could Mean Higher Academic Success For Children

Children who attend certain federally subsidized Pre-K programs achieve better academic results according to a key research group. The Family and Children Research Unit of the Social Science Research Center at Mississippi State University conducted a study that’s showing children who went to Pre-K will more than likely be more academically successful than ones who did not.

National Education Reforms Advocates Refute Anti-School Funding Arguments
Audio / Mississippi

National Education Reforms Advocates Refute Anti-School Funding Arguments

Some national education reform advocates are joining the fight to pass a school funding amendment in Mississippi. The supporters of Initiative 42 say the proposal is in the best interest of Mississippi’s school children.

Students at ReImagine Prep in Jackson, Mississippi read in the hallway on their way to class. Credit: Paul Boger.
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Charter Schools: First Charter Schools Open In Mississippi; Alabama Charters Could Come Soon

States across the U-S have increasingly been turning to charter schools in an effort to bolster struggling public school systems. Two of the most recent states to adopt the controversial form of education are Mississippi and Alabama. As part of a Southern Education Desk Series examining charter schools in the South, we turn to Mississippi Public Broadcasting’s Boger for a report on how those states are adopting to the alternative form of public education.