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How Do National Championship Foes Alabama and Clemson Really Compare?
Higher Education

How Do National Championship Foes Alabama and Clemson Really Compare?

Most analysts compare defensive lines, secondaries, quarterbacks and ground games. But the Southern Education Desk decided to look at other facts about these two southern universities.

Educational attainment goals by state. Credit: Credit Higher Education Coordinating Council.
Florida / Higher Education

Higher Ed Council Sets Goal To Boost Education Levels Of Floridians

The council wants to see fifty-five percent of Floridians between the age of 25 and 64 earning industry certifications or degrees by 2025.

Students applying to Tennessee State University for next fall's freshman class will have to meet a higher bar compared to previous requirements. Credit: Emily Siner / WPLN
Higher Education / Tennessee

Seeking More Competitive Applicants, TSU Raises Admissions Requirements

The change has two goals: limiting the number of students who will likely find college difficult, and attracting more high-performing students who will go on to graduate.

ITT Technical Institute's Tallahassee campus
Higher Education / Tennessee

ITT Tech Closure Leaves Students Looking For Answers

ITT is facing federal fraud charges and had been blocked from accepting new students who receive federal financial aid. But the abrupt closure has caught many students off guard, and some are angry and looking for answers.

Gov. Bill Haslam says the next chancellor of the Tennessee Board of Regents does not have to be an academic. Credit: TN Photo Services.
Higher Education / Tennessee

Tennessee Board Of Regents Search Starts With No Leader ‘Preordained’

Tennessee has finally kicked off the hunt for a new leader for its system of community colleges and technology centers, and Gov. Bill Haslam says the search starts with no preconceived notions of who it should be.

Florida A&M University President Elmira Mangum.
Credit: Florida A&M University via Twitter.
Florida / Higher Education

FAMU’s Mangum Could Be Out By Sept.15

Florida A&M University President Elmira Mangum is negotiating terms for stepping down from her position. A committee made up of members of the school’s board of trustees has approved a tentative deal that could lead to Mangum stepping down in mid-September

The Carl Van Vechten gallery is home to the Stieglitz collection half the time; the other half, it's housed in Arkansas. Credit: TONY GONZALEZ / WPLN
Funding / Higher Education / Tennessee

Facing Financial Collapse, Fisk University Quietly Sold Off Two Major Paintings In 2010

While Fisk University was fighting a drawn-out legal battle over the fate of a high-profile art collection, it quietly sold two other paintings in the school’s archives. That twist in the story was first reported Tuesday

Credit: Sue Lincoln/WRKF.
Funding / Higher Education / Louisiana

Squabbling Over Crumbs

After the House approved cuts freeing up another $70-million for the upcoming budget Monday, they then squabbled over where to spend it – on TOPS, or on health care.