Gov. Bill Haslam speaks in a promotional video for reverse transfers, which officials say helped to add legitimacy to the new program. Credit: YouTube Screenshot
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No, This Free College Degree Program Is Not A Scam, Tennessee Schools Tell Students

Tennessee universities have been sending out emails to thousands of students with a somewhat incredible subject line: “You may have earned an associate degree already.”

One of the state’s only public boarding schools for academically gifted students is cutting enrollment due to budget constraints. Credit: MPB
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Mississippi Math and Science School Cuts Enrollment

This week, officials with the school announced that they are cutting the number of students who will be admitted next year. The cuts aren’t new, MSMS has reduced enrollment by 12 percent over the past five years from 271 in 2011-2012 to 220 next year.

Tennessee State University is aiming to get more students enrolled from outside of the state. Credit: TSU Media Relations.
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Tennessee Universities Try Steep Tuition Discounts To Woo More Out-Of-State Students

Several public universities in Tennessee are lowering their out-of-state tuition by almost 50 percent for a certain set of students — those who are from places up to 250 miles away.

State Rep. Bill Dunn, R-Knoxville, discusses his voucher plan with Jim Wrye of the Tennessee Education Association after Wednesday's vote. Credit: Chas Sisk/WPLN.
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After Years Of Debate, Private School Vouchers Clear A Major Hurdle In Tennessee

Tennessee lawmakers are on track to pass the state’s first school voucher program.

A key panel voted Wednesday to approve a plan that would eventually offer up to 20,000 vouchers for private school tuition.

Credit: Mississippi Public Broadcasting.
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School Funding Amendment, Initiative 42, Fails

Mississippi voters have rejected a constitutional amendment requiring lawmakers to increase funding for public schools. Supporters of Initiative 42 say voter confusion likely led to its defeat.

Credit: Mississippi Public Broadcasting.
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42: The Fight Over Funding

Mississippi Public Broadcasting’s piece, 42: The Fight Over Funding, takes an in-depth look at public school funding in Mississippi, how the state’s funding formula for public schools works, and what both sides of the Initiative 42 debate want to do about it. They interview legislators, educators, and others to help Mississippians decide before heading to the polls on November 3.