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Matters of Choice: Options in Louisiana | LPB
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Matters of Choice: Options in Louisiana | LPB

Jalen is a seventh-grader at The Good Shepherd School- a private, Catholic institution. She transferred from a failing public school three years ago and sees big differences between the two. Louisiana Public Broadcasting prepared this report for our “Matters of Choice” series.

Kindergartner Emarie puts paint supplies away at Central Park School For Children in Durham, North Carolina. The charter school promotes a hands-on, project-based curriculum. Credit: Reema Khrais/WUNC.
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Matters of Choice: Race, Economics and Choice in North Carolina

In North Carolina, students get their choice of charter schools, but those schools are increasingly divided by race. In this southern state where some of the nation’s most noted school desegregation battles were waged, a recent Duke University study shows that many schools are either predominantly white or predominantly minority. Reema Khrais of WUNC reports on efforts to change that trend.

Florida children participate in a rally in 2014  against the decision of a coalition of groups to sue over that state’s Tax Credit Scholarship program. Credit: Lynn Hatter, WFSU
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Matters of Choice: Florida — A Hot Spot for School Choice

WFSU-FM’s Lynn Hatter takes a look at the decades-long movement that is school choice in Florida, one of the nation’s hot spots for school choice programs. While many ideas may have originated in other states, Florida has adopted them and created a massive alternative system.

Students at Renew Cultural Arts Academy return to class after their morning "value summit." Credit: Mallory Falk.
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Matters of Choice: New Orleans – The Choice Epicenter

Most Southern states allow for some form of school choice – magnet schools, vouchers for private schools, charter schools and more. How do these options affect learning, school demographics, and student success? We explore Matters of Choice beginning with this report from WWNO’s Mallory Falk in New Orleans.