Students search for sunspots through telescopes during a NASA/Destination Imagination event in a low-income neighborhood outside the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, June 7, 2012.
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Summer Science Program Combines NASA Curriculum And Stealth Learning

Ever heard of “stealth learning?” That’s what its called when kids have so much fun with hands-on projects that they may not even realize it is learning. That’s exactly what a group of students in public housing in Knoxville, Tennessee, is experiencing this summer.

Preventing Summer Learning Loss Through Work And Play
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Preventing Summer Learning Loss Through Work And Play

Summer vacation is rapidly drawing to a close, and many students will end the summer further behind academically than when it started. Research shows that students lose, on average, a month’s worth of learning over the summer. Low-income students lose more, which exacerbates achievement gaps. In Savannah, one program is pushing low-income students ahead in school by summer’s end – through a combination of work and play.

Making It Through Teach For America Institute: A Day In The Life
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Making It Through Teach For America Institute: A Day In The Life

Teach for America places high-achieving recent college graduates in low performing, hard to staff schools. And it’s an organization that is growing rapidly, both because of increasing demand and substantial political support. In Mississippi, the TFA has quadrupled in size in the last four years and plans to double in the near future. We travel to Teach for America Delta Institute where all these new teachers get trained in rapid succession.

Mapping Louisiana Charter Schools
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Mapping Louisiana Charter Schools

Louisiana has fully embraced the charter school concept, and is expected to have more than 100 of the not-for-profit alternatives to traditional public schools operating in the 2012-2013 school year. How are they doing? Check out these maps.

Sloan Winters learns to teach at a Cleveland summer school as part of Teach for America Summer Institute. Photo by Erin Hulse.
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Mississippi Invests In Teach For America To Fill Teacher Shortage

Mississippi is short on teachers. And the responsibility is increasingly falling on emergency staffing and alternative track teacher programs such as Teach for America. TFA places more teachers in the Mississippi Delta than in any region in the country. And they plan to double their numbers.

Click here to see interactive maps showing Georgia school districts' expenditures on girls' and boys' sports and participation rates for male and female athletes.
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Mapping Gender Equity In Georgia High School Sports

Last month marked the fortieth anniversary of the passage of Title IX, the education legislation that dramatically expanded the opportunities for women and girls in high school and college athletics. See a map of Georgia school districts’ expenditures on girls’ and boys’ sports as well as participation rates of male and female athletes.

Mapping Tennessee School Districts By 2011 Demographics And Achievement
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Mapping Tennessee School Districts By 2011 Demographics And Achievement

As part of the Southern Education Desk’s continuing coverage of how changes to the federal No Child Left Behind law will affect schools around the South, we’re tracking how many schools are meeting the federal bar now and what some characteristics of those schools are.

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Interactive Map: Louisiana AYP 2011 Achievement Gap

More than 60 percent of Louisiana’s school districts made AYP (Adequate Yearly Progress), but districts are finding it much harder to close the achievement gap.