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Ryan Ward looks back at fellow students as he runs a ropes challenge course at a Peace Project program at Maryville College.
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Hopes for Peace Lead Principal Beyond Bullying Programs

Bullying programs are getting attention around the country – and in many cases, they’re pulling in the cash. But getting in on the next big thing isn’t for everyone. Southern Education Desk Reporter Christine Jessel found one Southern principal on a mission to bring peace to his hallways in an old-fashioned way.

Battling The Bullies
Bullying Series / Louisiana / Video

Battling The Bullies

After three Louisiana teens take their own lives–allegedly prompted by bullying–state lawmakers pass an anti-bullying law named for one of them, but is it enough?

Bullying Series / Louisiana

Louisiana School Districts Continue Battle Against Bullies

Some school districts in the northeast Louisiana are searching for the best means of dealing with bullies. A local school psychologist says the difficulties in solving cyber-bullying are a major problem. And students’ lives may depend on school districts’ ability to find answers.

13-year-old Alicyn Mabry and her mother Annise Mabry select her course schedule on the Georgia Cyber Academy, bully free. Photo by Chandra Thomas.
Bullying Series / Georgia

Alleged School Bullying Victim Speaks Out On New Law

A student who left her traditional public school after being bullied hopes Georgia’s new law can benefit others.

Prevention and intervention counselor Jeff Dess points to anti-bullying posters displayed at Mt. Bethel Elementary School. Photo by Maura Walz.
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Schools Try to Stop Bullying Before It Starts

As schools begin to implement Georgia’s new anti-bullying law, schools are focusing on prevention.

Jaheem Herrera
Bullying Series / Georgia

Mother of Bullied Student Calls for Justice

The mother of an 11-year-old Georgia student who committed suicide pushes for more protections for bullied students.

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Anti-Bullying 101 for Students

Amanda McGeshik is leading the fight against school bullying in Dickson, Tennessee, a rural county in the middle of the state that has only 15 schools and slightly more than 8,200 students.

Bullying Series / Louisiana

Teen Suicides Strike Northeast Louisiana

Five recent suicides shake school system.