Kurdish Community Tries to Bridge Cultural Gap with Schools
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Kurdish Community Tries to Bridge Cultural Gap with Schools

The Kurdish center in Nashville is working to bridge the cultural gap between local Kurds and Nashville Public schools, in an effort to bring better understanding and academic success for Kurdish students– the 3rd largest group of English Language Learners in Nashville schools.

Students at Ivy Preparatory Charter School. Photo by Maura Walz.
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Charter Schools Offer Opportunity For Some, But Foes Worry Others Will Be Left Behind

In this final installment of our Southern Education Desk series on Amendment 1, we examine the demographics of Georgia’s existing charter schools. Their student bodies often don’t mirror those of their surrounding school districts — and that can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on who you ask.

Students at a Mississippi junior high school Jan. 8, 1970.  In Tate County, Mississippi, a new high school for a white community split a once diverse school system in two. Photo by the Associated Press.
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Separate Still Not Equal

American schools are becoming more segregated. Schools with high numbers of minority students are often inferior to those with mostly white students. In Mississippi, where schools are often either predominately black or overwhelmingly white, inequity is becoming more entrenched.

First-grade teacher Euginia Miller reads to her class on the first day of school at Birmingham's Avondale Elementary. Photo by Dan Carsen.
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Families “Reverse-Integrating” A Birmingham School

Birmingham’s public schools are 95 percent black and 90 percent on free or reduced lunch. The system has been under state control since June and has been hemorrhaging students for decades. And at this point, it’s certainly not just white flight; many poor black families do what they can to enroll their kids elsewhere. But some families are bucking the trend and working to “reverse integrate” their neighborhood school.

Photo taken by Jeanne Bonner.
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How To Save Our Boys: A Guide For Parents To Get Involved, Be Involved And Stay Involved

For boys especially, it is absolutely imperative that you celebrate every academic achievement he has.

Each One, Teach One: Mentoring Is A Responsibility For All
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Each One, Teach One: Mentoring Is A Responsibility For All

Mentorships provide meaningful relationships that have proven to boost the emotional, psychological, social, and academic self-sufficiency in young people.

Housing Zones Linked to Student Test Scores
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Housing Zones Linked to Student Test Scores

Property development has a direct link to student test scores in public schools, according to a new study by the Brookings Institution. The report says areas with restrictive zoning laws about the type and cost of housing—have wider gaps in school performance. It also means gaps in educational opportunities that can impact a student’s economic future.

“Choice” Versus Desegregation
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“Choice” Versus Desegregation

Louisiana’s School Choice Act promises more options for students to get a better education, but that could have school districts running afoul of federal judges. More than half of the state’s school districts remain under federal court orders in desegregation lawsuits that go back to the mid-1960’s.