Join The Conversation: “What Is Good Teaching?”

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Please help public media stations across the South better understand this very basic question – What is good teaching? Share your knowledge and insights on what you think makes a good teacher here.

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    mark lillquist says:

    I believe the grade level paradigm has run its course. Students should not be grouped by age and advance together through a homogenous curriculum, but should advance independently as they master each unit of a sequential pathway.

    Gita Jones says:

    Focus more on the mechanics of teaching rather than idiology. During a 40 minute class in middle-school: An average of 7 minutes should be reading, 10 minutes on ‘lecture and class-discussion’, 10 minutes on student-writing. The rest of the time will be spent on one-on-one conversations between teacher and student or student and student. Over a month, the teacher would have spent equal-time(hopefully positive) on each of the student under the teacher’s supervision.

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