INTERVIEW: Historian Robert Corley On Civil Rights, Race, School Segregation And More

University of Alabama at Birmingham historian Dr. Robert Corley

University of Alabama at Birmingham historian Dr. Robert Corley

Birmingham, Ala. – In this city’s historic Kelly Ingram Park, there’s a statue of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. One of the names on the stone pedestal is Robert Corley. Among other things, Dr. Corley teaches history at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. He was a founding member of the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute board and has served on the city’s school board. Southern Education Desk reporter Dan Carsen recently sat down with him while researching stories for our School Resegregation series. Corley says today’s students are missing some vital history on the subject:


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    Dr. Gordon Fears says:

    This interview was very informative as well as factual.Dr Corley did an outstanding job of emphasizing the context of racial segregation in Alabama. It is very sad that we choose to ignore our history in planning to build a better and more inclusive state and nation.Such intentional and or unintentional actions will continue to facilitate interpersonal and intrapersonal dissonance. We must seek to truly respect the dignity, worth and value of all human beings. Importantly, we must see and act on the potential in people as opposed to reacting to the perceived deficits/fears or we will all certainly perish in stupidity and ignorance.

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