Monday Reading List: Southern Education News

Alabama’s list of “failing schools” is expected later this week (WAFF).

Alabama Governor Robert Bentley says the state’s tax credits should not apply to students who never enrolled in a failing district school, but revenue officials will make that decision (Associated Press via The Republic).

Huntsville, Alabama schools have served over 14,000 meals in the first four days of a first-time summer feeding program for students (

Alabama’s Shelby County Board of Education has committed $350,000 to increase law enforcement presence in schools (

About 100 Clayton County, Georgia students attempting to take the ACT were turned away because of a missing administrator (Atlanta Journal-Constitution).

Politifact Georgia examines: Are black students disciplined at a higher rate than other students? (Atlanta Journal-Constitution).

Governor Bobby Jindal’s plan to restructure pre-K programs in Louisiana hit roadblocks in the last few days of the legislature; Jindal is looking to regulatory changes as work-arounds (Associated Press via The Republic).

A Louisiana working group is planning to increase training for skilled craft jobs in the state (The Advocate).

Louisiana’s push to overhaul education slowed in the 2013 state legislature (The Advocate).

A 101-year-old Louisiana woman has graduated from high school (WAFB).

Tennessee’s Senate Education Committee will review Common Core standards this summer (Associated Press via Knoxville News Sentinel).

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