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Alabama Gets $1.3 Million Federal Grant to Support Growing A.P. Programs

Cash incentives play role in success, which leads to more cash for state’s schools.

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Teach For America in Alabama: A Report Card

Everyone knows that schools report on student progress at regular intervals. The national service program Teach For America, or “TFA,” has now been in Alabama for one full school year. And as it gears up to send our state more than 50 new teachers, it makes sense to ask, how are they doing? What grades would Alabama’s Teach For America teachers get on their report cards? Dan Carsen, who was a TFA teacher 15 years ago, asked around for the Southern Education Desk.

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Parents Fear Immigration-Law Upheaval in Ala. Schools

Supporters and opponents of Alabama’s new immigration law generally agree it’s the most severe and far-reaching in the nation. Some educators are concerned because the law makes schools determine students’ immigration status, and in some cases, their parents’ immigration status. From the Southern Education Desk at WBHM, Dan Carsen has more:

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Alabama State Rep Leaves Republican Party over Education Issues

New Democrat Daniel Boman says teacher tenure bill was “final straw.”

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Corporate Tax Loopholes Not Helping Tight Education Budgets

Alabama educators, lawmakers say big-name companies shortchanging students