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Science! These students at Unidos Dual Language Charter School in Clayton County, Georgia are learning their science in Spanish. And there's science to suggest the approach benefits Spanish- and English-speakers alike. Photo by Dan Carsen.
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Bilingual Education In The South: It Is Happening, Even Here

The number of Latinos in America’s schools is rising faster than any other group’s. And their share of the school population is rising fastest in the South. Many don’t speak English as their first language, making them “language-minorities.” And the question of how best to educate them is becoming crucial in places with little bilingual history – places like Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee. So WBHM and the Southern Education Desk are kicking off a four-part series on language-minority education in the South. In Part One, we cross the border (into Georgia) to see an innovative school and a counterintuitive concept in action.

A Park Ranger teachers Coosa Christian High School students about the history of the area, including the Trail of Tears, and how Native Americans used burning poison ivy as a weapon. Photo by Dan Carsen.
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Tranquil Resource, Contentious Beginnings: Little River Canyon Preserve

About seven miles from Fort Payne, Alabama, is the northern gateway to a vision, a vision of a nearly hundred-mile “central park” between Birmingham, Atlanta and Chattanooga. Decades in the making, the conservation, tourism, and education opportunities are gelling in this huge green corridor. In Part Two of his series on the Little River Canyon, the Southern Education Desk’s Dan Carsen has the intriguing and sometimes contentious story behind this growing resource.