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Spending from pro-charter groups wasn't enough to oust incumbent school board candidates Thursday night. DOUGLAS CORZINE / WPLN (FILE PHOTO)

After Big Spending On Challengers, Metro School Board Stays Put

The incumbents on the Metro school board all kept their seats on election night, despite heavy out-of-state spending from charter school advocates for most of their opponents. Some voters saw the races as a referendum on the privately-run schools.

Credit: Paul Boger/MPB.
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Public School Students in Miss. Could Soon Use Vouchers for Private Schools

Parents of public school students in Mississippi could soon be able to use taxpayer money to send their children to private schools. Lawmakers believe the “Equal Opportunity for All Students Act” would give many children across the state a shot at a quality education.

Credit: Mississippi Public Broadcasting.
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42: The Fight Over Funding

Mississippi Public Broadcasting’s piece, 42: The Fight Over Funding, takes an in-depth look at public school funding in Mississippi, how the state’s funding formula for public schools works, and what both sides of the Initiative 42 debate want to do about it. They interview legislators, educators, and others to help Mississippians decide before heading to the polls on November 3.

Dr. Hank Dasinger, president of Alabama's J.F. Ingram State Technical College, the only state-run two-year college whose student body is 100 percent incarcerated. Photo by Dan Carsen.
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A Unique College For Inmates, And An Interview With Its President

The United States locks up people at a higher rate than anywhere else in the world. Some of the most overcrowded prisons are in Alabama. Julia Tutwiler Prison for Women is one of them. It’s also been under federal investigation for sex abuse by guards. But some inmates there have access to a unique state-funded program that offers academics and life skills they’ll need after release. The problem is, this J.F. Ingram State Technical College program, which could ease overcrowding, is struggling for funds. Our Alabama reporter Dan Carsen has this national story, and a full-length interview with J.F. Ingram’s president.

Some of the youngest stakeholders protest last summer after Hoover's school board voted to cancel the district's bus routes. Since then, the board has reversed that decision but approved a fee structure for student riders. School officials recently announced that would be delayed until 2015 ... but the controversy is still brewing. Photo by Dan Carsen.
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INTERVIEW: Trisha Powell Crain On Hoover Schools Reinstating Buses

There’s been a victory of sorts for parents whose children ride school buses in Hoover, Alabama. In July, the school board got national attention and angered many residents by voting to scrap the sprawling district’s busing program starting next school year. But after intense community pressure and input from the Justice Department, the board unanimously reversed itself last week. Shortly after, our Alabama reporter Dan Carsen caught up with Trisha Powell Crain, a Hoover parent and longtime education policy writer. Though she has some misgivings, she calls the school-board reversal a good example of what persistent community organizing can accomplish.

Some of the youngest protesters at the Monday, August 12 Hoover Board of Education Meeting. The board, speaking mainly through its lawyer, said other cost-cutting options are being studied but would not rescind last month's vote to end busing next year. Photo by Dan Carsen.

Ala. District Cuts Busing For 7,000, Sparks Controversy & National Attention

Hoover, Alabama’s school board recently voted to end its bus service, effective a year from now. District leaders say they have to cut costs as enrollments rise and revenues fall. But our Alabama reporter Dan Carsen points out, many in this hilly, sprawling suburb don’t believe that’s the whole story.

Unconstitutional: Louisiana High Court Rules On Vouchers
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Unconstitutional: Louisiana High Court Rules On Vouchers

Louisiana’s Supreme Court rules the current funding mechanism for the statewide voucher program is unconstitutional.

Photo by K. T. King, courtesy of Flickr.
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Carsen On NCLB Freeze, China, And “Meatless Meetings”

There’s been a short break from Birmingham Board of Education fireworks, but that doesn’t mean the state takeover story, or the Alabama education beat in general, has slowed down at all. In this week’s Edu-Chat, WBHM’s Tanya Ott inverviews Southern Education Desk reporter Dan Carsen on No Child Left Behind, the Education Trust Fund, local kids in China, and “meatless meetings.”