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Science! These students at Unidos Dual Language Charter School in Clayton County, Georgia are learning their science in Spanish. And there's science to suggest the approach benefits Spanish- and English-speakers alike. Photo by Dan Carsen.
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Bilingual Education In The South: It Is Happening, Even Here

The number of Latinos in America’s schools is rising faster than any other group’s. And their share of the school population is rising fastest in the South. Many don’t speak English as their first language, making them “language-minorities.” And the question of how best to educate them is becoming crucial in places with little bilingual history – places like Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee. So WBHM and the Southern Education Desk are kicking off a four-part series on language-minority education in the South. In Part One, we cross the border (into Georgia) to see an innovative school and a counterintuitive concept in action.

Pre-K Access: Good Program, Few Spots
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Pre-K Access: Good Program, Few Spots

Most education researchers and even many economists think high-quality Pre-K benefits children and the communities where they live. But the effects are limited when programs just don’t reach many kids. Even in states such as Alabama, which have highly regarded programs, these services reach only a fraction of eligible children.

Photo by Yun Mi Park.

A Drop Out State? Almost

The past decade of education reform in Georgia has done very little, if anything, for many students. In 2013, it is time for Georgia to resolve to step up, stop reforming and instead transform its Pre-K-12 education system to provide opportunity to all of Georgia’s children.

Students and their families attend a college fair at Armstrong Atlantic State University's Domingo Universitario. Photo by Maura Walz.
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Georgia Colleges Boost Efforts To Increase Latino College Enrollment

Latino students make up eight percent of Georgia’s 18 to 24-year-olds, but just four percent of the state’s college enrollment. Now, colleges and universities around the state are making a concerted effort to recruit more Hispanic students — and help make sure they succeed after they enroll.

Josey High School principal Ronald Wiggins helps students in Shannon Moore's chemistry class. Photo by Maura Walz.
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In Georgia, A Turnaround High School Looks To Sustain Its Progress

The first report in our series on “Turnaround Schools” comes from Georgia. Three years ago, a group of the lowest-performing schools in the state began receiving millions of dollars in federal money to fund an ambitious attempt to improve dramatically. As those schools enter their final school year receiving that money, we check in on one school’s progress.

Students at Ivy Preparatory Charter School. Photo by Maura Walz.
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Charter Schools Offer Opportunity For Some, But Foes Worry Others Will Be Left Behind

In this final installment of our Southern Education Desk series on Amendment 1, we examine the demographics of Georgia’s existing charter schools. Their student bodies often don’t mirror those of their surrounding school districts — and that can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on who you ask.

Click here to see an interactive map showing the demographics of Georgia's existing charter schools.
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Mapping Georgia’s Charter School Demographics

An analysis of the demographics of Georgia charter schools during the 2010-2011 school year shows that the schools are more likely to enroll African-American students than the districts where they are located and less likely to enroll students with disabilities, those learning English, and those receiving free or reduced-price lunch.

How Will A State Charter School Commission Affect Public School Funding?
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How Will A State Charter School Commission Affect Public School Funding?

In the second of a three-part series on Georgia’s proposed amendment to expand the state’s power to open charter schools, we examine competing claims over how new state-approved charters would be funded.