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Alabama School Connection’s Trisha Powell Crain Talks Money, Politics, and More in Alabama Education

There’s never a shortage of stories coming from Alabama’s schools. But before the WBHM/Southern Education Desk’s “Issues and Ales” education forum Thursday evening, we wanted to shed as much light as possible on the big picture behind the headlines because — for better or worse — that backdrop always includes money and therefore politics.

Dr. Hank Dasinger, president of Alabama's J.F. Ingram State Technical College, the only state-run two-year college whose student body is 100 percent incarcerated. Photo by Dan Carsen.
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A Unique College For Inmates, And An Interview With Its President

The United States locks up people at a higher rate than anywhere else in the world. Some of the most overcrowded prisons are in Alabama. Julia Tutwiler Prison for Women is one of them. It’s also been under federal investigation for sex abuse by guards. But some inmates there have access to a unique state-funded program that offers academics and life skills they’ll need after release. The problem is, this J.F. Ingram State Technical College program, which could ease overcrowding, is struggling for funds. Our Alabama reporter Dan Carsen has this national story, and a full-length interview with J.F. Ingram’s president.

Sources: CPBB budget analysis and National Center for Education Statistics enrollment figures.

INTERVIEW: Ala. Schools Chief Of Staff On Steep Per-Pupil Spending Drop

Since before the recession, the number of dollars Alabama spends per student has dropped more than it has in any other state. Percentage-wise, Alabama’s decrease was second only to Oklahoma’s. That’s all according to a recent report from the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities. Our Alabama reporter Dan Carsen caught up with Alabama schools Chief of Staff Craig Pouncey to find out why, and what it all means.

Photo by Dan Carsen.
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Segregation Academies: Past, Still Present

In the second installment of our series “Segregation Shifts,” the SED’s Alabama reporter Dan Carsen goes back in time to examine a strategy whites once used to sidestep public school integration, one that still shapes communities today — so-called “segregation academies”:

The SED's Dan Carsen (black shirt, top left center) gathers sound and takes photos at a recent pro-superintendent rally in Birmingham. Photo by Hal Yeager, Birmingham News.
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Dan Carsen Interviewed by Birmingham’s “Terminal”

“The Terminal” recently interviewed our SED reporter Dan Carsen about everything from his day-to-day job to big-picture education issues, including what has surprised him the most in his year-plus reporting on Alabama for the Southern Education Desk.

Interview: Ala. Legislator Pushes Allowing Creationism Electives through Public Schools
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Interview: Ala. Legislator Pushes Allowing Creationism Electives through Public Schools

The First Amendment says “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” But does that mean public schools can give credit to students for creationism classes? What if they’re off campus and privately funded?

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Carsen Talks Alabama Education Budget Shortfalls, Tebow Bills, and Caffeine

It’s week two of the 2012 legislative session in Alabama, and job creation and budget shortfalls continue to take center stage. Officials predict a budget gap in the many hundreds of millions of dollars – meaning cutbacks, possible layoffs, and other belt-tightening measures.

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Corporate Tax Loopholes Not Helping Tight Education Budgets

Alabama educators, lawmakers say big-name companies shortchanging students