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Cleveland School District board members.

Cleveland School District Presents Latest Desegregation Plan

A Mississippi federal judge is meeting with Cleveland School District officials today to hear their latest proposal.

Four members of the Metro Schools board of education are running for re-election and three of them are refusing to attend a candidate forum organized by Project Renaissance. Credit: Blake Farmer / WPLN (file photo)
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Charter School Debate Re-Ignites Ahead Of Nashville School Board Candidate Forum

A school board candidate forum planned for Thursday night has become another flash point over Nashville’s charter schools. Three sitting board members have refused to participate, questioning the organizer’s motives.

Gov. Bill Haslam speaks in a promotional video for reverse transfers, which officials say helped to add legitimacy to the new program. Credit: YouTube Screenshot
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No, This Free College Degree Program Is Not A Scam, Tennessee Schools Tell Students

Tennessee universities have been sending out emails to thousands of students with a somewhat incredible subject line: “You may have earned an associate degree already.”

Campuses like Middle Tennessee State University will soon allow employees to carry a firearm if they have a state-issued permit. Credit: Lauren Frederick.
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University Employees Can Soon Go Armed In Tennessee, After Governor Allows Bill To Become Law

Guns will be allowed on the campuses of public colleges in Tennessee starting July 1. A bill that allows employees with a carry permit to go armed on campus became law without the signature of Gov. Bill Haslam, who was pressured to veto the legislation.

State Rep. Bill Dunn of Knoxville, right, says he was "not confident" that he had the votes to pass vouchers. Credit: Chas Sisk/WPLN
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Saying Defeat Was Imminent, Tennessee Lawmaker Abruptly Withdraws School Voucher Plan

A plan to create the Tennessee’s first school voucher program has been jettisoned. The proposal had been set for a final vote on February 11 in what was expected to be a close and heated debate. But its chief sponsor says the idea just didn’t have enough support.

State Rep. Bill Dunn, R-Knoxville, discusses his voucher plan with Jim Wrye of the Tennessee Education Association after Wednesday's vote. Credit: Chas Sisk/WPLN.
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After Years Of Debate, Private School Vouchers Clear A Major Hurdle In Tennessee

Tennessee lawmakers are on track to pass the state’s first school voucher program.

A key panel voted Wednesday to approve a plan that would eventually offer up to 20,000 vouchers for private school tuition.

Administrators at some Metro schools have been accused of redirecting students to boost test scores.
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Are Schools Cheating With Makeup Classes? Tennessee Lawmakers Take Their Own Hard Look

Tennessee lawmakers are investigating whether school districts are cutting corners to get high school students their diplomas. But school officials say all they’re doing is keeping kids on track to graduation.

This textbook is used by some Tennessee Schools to teach students about Islam. Credit: Chas Sisk/WPLN.
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Teaching Tough Topics: Textbook Fight Riles Tennessee

What should school children be taught about Islam? In Florida and North Carolina, parents claim students are being “indoctrinated” with a sanitized version of the Muslim faith. One of the fiercest fights so far is happening right now in Tennessee. As Chas Sisk of WPLN reports, it could reveal the playbook for future battles.