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Education Commissioner Candice McQueen at her appointment to the position. Credit: TN Photo Services.
Parents listen and discuss ideas for opting out of state exams in Leon County. Credit: Lynn Hatter/WFSU
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Ziffer, Pons Continue Clash Over Community School; Ziffer Says He Won’t Meet With Pons Alone

A meeting on a proposed community school in Southern Tallahassee was abruptly canceled April 28. It’s the latest in the fight between school superintendent Jackie Pons and City commissioner Gil Ziffer over the plan.

Louisiana / Voices of Educators Credit: Mallory Falk / WWNO

Voices Of Educators: Rowan Shafer

Rowan Shafer is a third grade teacher at Morris Jeff Community School. She’s committed to teaching a social justice curriculum… which she knows can sound abstract. “Yeah, those are easy words to say that mean a lot of things,” she says. In this month’s Voices of Educators segment, Shafer describes [...]

Charter Schools / Closing Costs / Louisiana When her son William started taking public transportation to school, Lashunda Dean downloaded a tracking app on her cellphone. She shows off the app while her older son and the family cockatiel look on.
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Closing Costs: Inside The School Close Out Process

When a school announces it’s closing, it doesn’t just shut its doors the next day. There’s a whole closure process. It’s a process Miller McCoy Academy — an all-boys middle and high school — has been following this year. We look inside that process as part of our series “Closing [...]

American Graduate / Back on Track / Louisiana Screenshot. Credit: Louisiana Public Broadcasting.

Back On Track: A Look At How LSU Gets Young Women Excited About Engineering

Louisiana will be in the spotlight as American Graduate Day features a successful program at Louisiana State University (LSU). It’s called XCITE and it’s getting young girls excited about careers in engineering.

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Education Commissioner Candice McQueen at her appointment to the position. Credit: TN Photo Services.
Audio / Tennessee / Testing

Tennessee Dumps Testing Vendor, Makes This Year’s TNReady Exams Optional

Tennessee students may not have to take the second part of their year-end exams after all. Following multiple delays in receiving test materials, the state is cutting ties with testing vendor Measurement Inc. The company has been blamed for the bulk of glitches and delays in the first year of TNReady.

Charter Schools / Louisiana

New Orleans Charter Schools May Return To Local Control

The House Education Committee approved a bill that would return all Recovery School District charters to the Orleans Parish School Board. The new legislation would require all schools to return, by 2019 at the latest.

Dr. Willie May. Credit: National Institute for Standards and Technology.
Alabama / science / STEM

Parker High School, Family And Community Helped Propel Top Scientist Dr. Willie May

A recent study shows there’s good news for college graduates looking for jobs in STEM fields. Dr. Willie May, a graduate of Birmingham’s Parker High School, struck out on a path in science more than 45 years ago. Today, he’s one of nation’s chief scientists and heads the National Institute for Standards and Technology.

Students from Cohen College Prep gather on the capitol steps in Baton Rouge to rally for Senate Bill 324. Credit: Mallory Falk/WWNO.
Audio / Louisiana

New Orleans High Schoolers Head To Capitol For ‘Raise The Age’ Action

Hundreds of New Orleans students got a hands-on civics lesson this week. They rallied at the state capitol to support a bill that would keep 17-year-olds out of adult court and prison.

Parents listen and discuss ideas for opting out of state exams in Leon County. Credit: Lynn Hatter/WFSU
Florida / Taking on Tests

Taking on Tests: Opting Out in Florida

Parents listen and discuss ideas for opting out of state exams in Leon County. Credit: Lynn Hatter/WFSU
It’s the fifth season of the year in Florida: testing season. Millions of Florida’s public school students, from third grade through 12th, are preparing to take the Florida Standards Assessment. The test has drawn scorn from parents, teachers, school administrators, and even lawmakers—yet it remains the main measure of how schools and districts are graded, kids promoted, and teachers evaluated.

Exam. Credit: Flickr user Alberto G.
Louisiana / Taking on Tests

Taking On Tests: The Stakes Are High

It’s testing season in schools across the South and around the country. Students are flipping open booklets or logging onto computers to answer math and reading questions. For over a decade, annual standardized testing has been the law of the land. But it’s not without controversy or pushback – and some states and school districts are rethinking their approach.

Lead teacher Amy Brewer goes over a Math lesson at Concord Middle School in Cabarrus County. Credit: Reema Khrais / WUNC
Audio / North Carolina

What It’s Like Inside A Low-Performing School

Over the last five years, four different principals have cycled through Concord Middle School. The latest principal to step into the role is Carrie Tulbert. She remembers when the superintendent of Cabarrus County Schools called her last year and asked her if she could come. Reema Khrais reports on how teacher retention issues impact low-performing schools.

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Louisiana / Priming the Pipeline for STEM in the South / STEM

Priming the Pipeline for STEM in the South: STEM Status in Louisiana

A recent report indicating how well states are doing in preparing K-12 students for the STEM fields rated Louisiana “far below average.” The state by state “Science Readiness Index” takes into consideration not only students’ math and science proficiency scores but also teacher qualifications.